Nina Samuilovna Feoktistova was born on 31st of August 1942 in Nizhny Novgorod.

At the age of 16 she was admitted to study at Gorky specialized school of music. At 1962 Nina Samuilovna began to study in Gorky State Conservatory named M.I.Glinka. Her teacher was Lebedeva O.A. While studying she also worked at Child Music School №10 in Nizhny Novgorod.

After graduating from the conservatory in 1967 some time Nina Samuilovna worked in Child Music School №6 and after that for a long time her working place became Dzerzhinsk specialized music school where she worked as a piano teacher for 30 years. Her pupils took place in regional, all-Russian and international contests.

Piano teaching was combined by Nina Samuilovna with active methodical work. At the time of 1980th many methodical lectures and class concerts occured in child music schools of Ivanovo, Polotsk, Novopolotsk, Dzerzhinsk. She was assigned a rank of piano instructor-methodologist.

12 out of  42 Nina Samuilovna’s graduates in Dzerzhinsk specialized music school had been admitted to study in Gorky State Conservatory. 11 graduates had successfully accomplished study plan in other higher and specialized music study institutions.

From 1992 till 2000 Nina Samuilovna worked in child music school №10. Following 12 years till 2012 she worked as a piano teacher in Child School of Arts №9.

Those years were particularly remarked by many creative achievements. Nina Samuilovna’s pupils presented Nizhny Novgorod piano school in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Japan, Canada, USA. They became winners of prestigious contests in many cities of Russia.

Many times Nina Samuilovna’s pupils had been granted a scholarship of Interregional Charitable Public Fund “New Names”, the fund of culture and humanitarian programs of M.L.Rostropovich. They also became winners of all-Russian contest “Young Russian talents” which is being conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Russian Culture as well as they were rewarded a grant named President of Russian Federation. Every year pupils of her class were rewarded personal scholarship of Nizhny Novogord Mayor. Nizhny Novgorod press has published some articles about them; they were interviewed by Nizhny Novgorod TV. These pupils are the following: Georgii Tchaidze, Polina Perevolochanskaya, Anton Kutlin, Vita Katkova, Julia Shishonkova, Pavel Pogorelskij.

On a regular basis Nina Samuilovna provided methodological assistance to the piano teachers of schools in Pavlovo, Bogorodsk, Dzerzhinsk, Sarov, Kirov, Penza.

In 2006 she was awarded a rank of Honored Worker of Culture of Russian Federation.

Her last years of life Nina Samuilovna spent in Child Music School named S.I.Taneyev in Zvenigorod. She had been rated along with 50 best piano teachers of the child school of arts in Near Moscow, became a prizewinner of an annual personal award of the Governor of the Moscow Region.

Nina Samuilovna died at 17th of September 2015 in Zvenigorod.